Main Lounge

The Main Lounge is the ideal place to spend a winters evening watching one of your favourite shows or films. This lounge features a 42 inch LCD TV, connected to a SKY PLUS HD package, as well as a small selection of DVDs, complemented with a home cinema system. You can also relax just reading one of the books from our mini-library, or just sitting round the Coalbrookdale gas stove, chatting over the days events.


There is also a small dvd library to assist with your relaxation, as well as two sofas, amd a big comfy chair.

One of the advantages of this room is the large patio doors, which give a lovely backdrop to any social gathering with the views to Holy Isle and Lamlash shorefront.

The Coalbrookdale stove is gas-fired, and will have you opening the patio doors for cool air after about ten minutes!!