Booking System



Our booking system is fairly straightforward, whilst still satisfying our friends at Inland Revenue, and also keeping house security intact. 

The first step is to decide which nights you would like to book, then check to see if they are available. Click on Doricmorr at the left hand side and this will take you to our master booking diary, well in to the future.

Next, drop Jill an e-mail at with the dates, so that she knows that you are interested in booking time in the house. Jill will make a note with your name against the dates in our master booking system, and will reply to you confirming the exact nights you wish to book, the total cost, and how to pay the non-refundable booking deposit (normally the equivalent of one night’s rental). We will keep a note of your request, but if we don't receive the booking deposit promptly, we are required to offer the booking to the next interested party - sorry.


If another party asks for the same nights in the house, we operate a "first deposit received gets the booking" system as we have been let down too often in the past by guests promising to pay a deposit, then not doing so. We are sorry to have had to move to this way of booking!


Upon receipt of the booking deposit, the website availability table will be updated to “confirmed”,  and it is at this point that your booking is fully confirmed. We will e-mail to confirm receipt of your booking deposit, and advise what the balance will be, and what date the balance needs to be settled by. (At least 8 weeks before the booking starts.)  

We also need to ask for a security/housekeeping deposit of £150 at the time of the balance payment. This covers any damage in or around the house and also any costs incurred by us if the house is not left "Ship-shape and Bristol fashion" when you leave. This will be returned after our caretaker on Arran has checked the property after your departure, and we have the house keys back in our posession.

Once the balance and deposit is received, we will be able to release house keys to you for use during your stay. Along with the keys will be full details of all the important information which must be read before you travel to Arran, and will ensure you enjoy your stay to the full.

Unfortunately, if the balance is not settled by 6 weeks prior to the start date of the booking, we are required to cancel the booking and offer it to the first party on our waiting list.   If a booking is made with less than 8 weeks lead-in time, the balance must be paid in full at the time of booking. 


If a booking has to be cancelled less than 4 weeks prior to the start date of the booking, we are unable to offer any refund. This is in line with most other rental companies, and is absolutely necessary in order for us to keep our status as a bona fide small business with various government agencies and our insurers.

Hope that all makes sense, but if not, drop us an e-mail and we will be glad to explain in greater detail.