Places to go

There are so many places to visit and things to do on Arran, that we would quickly runout of web space if we tried to list them here. Instead here are a few ideas and links to sites that specialise in showcasing what is on offer to you during your stay in Doricmorr....


Glenashdale falls outside Whiting Bay...Viewing point for Glenashdale falls...

Glenashdale falls is a brilliant walk for all the family!


Day trip to Holy Isle.




If you ever fancy a wee trip over the water to Holy Isle, we can strongly recommend it as a beautiful day/half day out.



The ferry leaves from Lamlash Pier at various times throughout the day (during October we left on the first ferry at 1100 out of Lamlash and returned on the 1515 out of Holy Isle). There are earlier and more frequent ferries during the summer months.


The boat journey across costs £12 return for adults and £6 return for children, and is an adventure in itself. The crossing affords views of Lamlash and it’s surrounding areas from a completely different perspective, and we even got to see a seal at close quarters as it checked out our ferry!

On arrival on Holy Isle, passengers are usually met by a representative of the inter denominational retreat house that is near the jetty (the big white building you can see to the left of the Island looking over from Doricmorr). In a very friendly manner we were introduced to the history of the island as well as some of the places of interest that we might like to look out for during our time on the island. In an even gentler way, we were asked to observe certain “rules” and we were more than happy to comply with all the requests.

There is a public loo adjacent to the main retreat, as well as a small tearoom. The tearoom is only open during the busier months, and there were not enough volunteers in the retreat house to staff it during our visit, but we had brought our own vittels, so that posed no problem.

 We set off southerly along the west side of the island (the one you can see from Doricmorr), and enjoyed many brightly painted rock carvings along the way. There are also a couple of caves to explore, one quite small, but one very narrow and seemingly never-ending!! On the way along we met some of the wild goats, wild sheep, and wild horses – none of whom seemed wild at all, and in fact, they all seemed quite happy with our presence.

At the southern end of the island, we came to the old lighthouse keeper’s quarters, and as we had been asked to do, we gave them a wide berth. There is a long term retreat in these buildings, and they are keen to concentrate on their meditations. The path keeps you at a polite distance, before turning uphill and on past the Lama’s house. His abode is in a beautiful valley, looking down the Firth of Clyde towards Ailsa Craig, and affords magnificent views for all.

The path we took then brought us back towards the higher ground, through a well marked path in the heather, before steepening slightly through the rocks before opening up on to the highest peak (Mullach Mor at 1026ft amsl). Normally this would be a good time for photos, but the cloud rolled cheekily in to mask the splendour of Lamlash Bay and the Clyde – never mind, maybe next time.

The descent back down to the north of the island is just as enjoyable, and as we came out of the cloud there were plenty of opportunities for picture-taking again. The path leads you back to the ferry (via a couple of wooden stiles) before going through some rather dense foliage beyond the main retreat house again, before doubling back into one of the large fields surrounding the house.

We had taken about three hours to reach the start point, and spent the next half hour enjoying the Mandala garden, Fairy garden and even found time to bring a pebble up from the beach to add to the pile being assembled in the name of World Peace – what a lovely thought. Our ferry could soon be spotted making it’s way across the bay to collect us, so we gathered our thoughts, and headed back to reality, well rejuvenated from our time spent on such a gentle and tranquil island.

If you ever get the chance, it is well worth a visit – even just for the walk along the west shoreline and back. I know you will feel the better of it after you come off the island!


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