For details of how to get to the Ardrossan ferry terminal please click on  the links at the left hand side of this page. Once you leave the ferry at Brodick quayside, getting to Doricmorr is quite straightforward.


There are two main options if you are not taking a car over.


The first is to book a taxi to be there to meet you on your arrival. (01770 600 903 is a local one in Lamlash). We would suggest you book several days in advance.


The second option is the Stagecoach bus service which is timed to meet the ferry. Head for the south of the island, and get off at the Police station in Lamlash. The Cordon road turn-off is about 300 yards further on - on the left hand side just over the wee bridge. Then follow the instructions below (from the Police Station).

If you are arriving with a car, it is less than ten minutes from the ferry to the front door! Simply follow these instructions, and feel free to print them out!!



From the fery terminal, go left at the main road, following the signs to Lamlash and the South of the Island. The road will take you up some fairly steep hills, through forestry, until you come into the outskirts of the village of Lamlash. As you get your first views of Holy Isle and Lamlash Bay, the Lamlash golf course will pass on your left hand side, followed by a steep hill going down towards the shoreline. 


At the bottom of the hill, the road sweeps sharply to the right, just before it reaches the sea (thankfully!). Follow the road round to the right, and continue through Lamlash village. You will pass the Pier Head Tavern (P - H - T to the locals) on your right hand side, followed soon after by the Lamlash Bay Hotel and the Co-op, also on your right hand side. The next landmark is the tennis courts on your left followed by the Lamlash Academy on your right.

The Police station should be on your left, and as you see a small bridge appear, indicate left, go just over the bridge and take the left turn (signposted for Cordon and Middleton Caravan Park). Follow this road, till you pass cottages on your right hand side. Just after the cottages, there is another small bridge. Go over the bridge, but turn immediately left off the road. You should be in a small development of three modern buildings, with red monoblocking serving all houses. Doricmorr is the middle building - the large bungalow straight ahead.

When you see this -you have arrived!