Utility Room


The utility room at Doricmorr used to be an integral garage, but the previous owners decided to swap the garage doors for French doors, so it is now a proper utility room. 

We often find that this is the most frequently used entrance to the house, as it is an ideal place to take off any wet or muddy footwear and clothing, and it is where we keep all our outdoor gear when we are staying at the house.


The utility room houses an array of items worth a mention, not least the central heating boiler and hot water tank The fully automatic system keeps the house lovely and warm , and can be controlled by means of the house thermometer in the hall. 

The utility room also houses a sink which is ideal for washing items that got too muddy up in the hills, as well as our TWO washing machines and TWO tumble dryers. There are also clothes horses (Winter Dykes!) for airing damp items too. The freezer is situated in the utility room too.


You will also find the table tennis table here, along with nets and bats. 


For the wee ones, we also have two high chairs stored in the utility room.  There are also other bits and pieces for use around the house, spare bulbs, fuses, etc, for the various electrical fittings.


The utility room also houses our very own "Welly Bank", and our collection of wellies is rising all the time. We have found that many guests are keen to spend time down on the beach and the rock pools in front of the house, but arrive without wellies, and immediately have to go out and buy some for both themselves and their wee ones. So we thought that as our boys grow out of their wellies, we would simply add them to the Welly Bank - thus saving our guests some cash and the effort of bringing their own wellies over. If you have any wellies that have come to the end of your wee ones useful life, please feel free to "deposit" them in our bank!