Other House Rooms

There are some other rooms and areas around the house worth a mention. Firstly the entrance hall, for no other reason than it will be the first room you will probably see as you come into in Doricmorr!  It also houses the phone - not wonderful in itself, BUT....


We offer a "FREE" phone call package. Basically you can call any UK landline free of charge - as long as the call lasts less than 60 minutes. If you want to keep chatting for free, simply hang up and re-dial. Calls to UK mobiles are NOT free, sorry!  Calls outside the free package are allowed, however we ask that you pay for these calls by popping some cash in to the wee red phone box next to the phone.


Turning right in to the hall corridor, you will find a locked cupboard on the right hand side. This is where we keep some family items.  

Further up the hall on the right hand side is another cupboard. In this cupboard is the iron and ironing board, as well as TWO vacuum cleaners complete with some spare bags. We have provided two vacuum cleaners to make it easier to get the house "spick and span" before you leave!! 

At the top of the hall is the main bathroom, which features a large corner bath, with mains powered shower over it. It is worth mentioning again that the toilets are all served by a septic tank, ("The Septic Bank" as it is known), which means that the toilets will only accept donations from yourself or the toilet roll holders. Any other donations will often be returned to sender. This includes any form of wipes, paper, etc - even ones which may say "Flushable" on the packaging. Any costs incurred as a result of non-compliance with these rules will be deducted from the security deposit.