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- a unique way to rent a waterside holiday home.

 Hi there - welcome to "Arranchillout.com” – our website featuring a unique way of renting a holiday home – and a unique way of saving you lots of your hard-earned money. 

The house is called Doricmorr, and is situated at the waters edge of Lamlash Bay, in the hamlet of Cordon, just outside Lamlash on the beautiful island of Arran. It is bounded on one side by the Monamore Burn, and the shoreside garden finishes where the sea starts (We have had a guest claim to be the first in the world to do “Indoor Sea Fishing” – casting from the Sun Lounge into the sea!!). The cost of renting the house is £160 per night. This price is for the entire house - not per person! We also charge £10 per dog per night for well-behaved dogs. The house offers free wi-fi broadband, SKY TV, and free phone calls to landlines in the UK.


We run the house on a unique “leave the house as you would expect to find it” policy, which means that we do not need to rely on, or pay for, a cleaning company to keep the house neat and tidy. Instead, you must clean the house at the end of your stay, and return it back to the condition you found it in before you leave - ready for the next guests! If you are happy to do this - please read on! If not, please feel free to move on and look at many of the other fabulous properties available to rent on Arran - we will not be offended!  


This also means that we can be much more flexible on entry and exit times, giving you much more time in the house than a regular type of holiday home operation.


This allows guests to arrive much earlier than they would on a full-blown commercial house rental. Likewise at the end of your stay, there is no need to set your alarm clock to get up with the local seagulls - we operate a changeover at lunchtime! Guests are free to arrive at the house from 1345 onwards on the day of arrival. On the day of departure, there is no need to leave the house till 1300, which has proved to suit everyone well, and fits in nicely with  Caledonian MacBrayne  


In particular, it means that short breaks are much, much better value for money.

Given that Doricmorr arguably boasts one of the best locations for a rental home on the island, thus giving guests access to a luxurious house in a breathtaking location without having to take out a mortgage for their holiday!! 


This website is designed to give you a flavour of what we have to offer, and also details the many facilities the house has to offer, but if you need  more information, or have any questions (no matter how trivial they may seem), drop us an e-mail to the address below and we will be happy to help out.



So if you are fed up paying rental agencies huge sums of money just to book your holiday,and fed up with
all the booking fees that are added on to the cost of your holiday, then why not deal directly with the
owners?? Please use the  website to give yourself a full briefing
on our unique way of operating a holiday
...... and if you are happy to do a wee bit of cleaning at the end of your stay,

..............why not book some "Chillout" time in the house?